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PAGD online code of conduct

Last updated: May 31, 2023

Communication on PAGD's online communities is expected to be respectful and in accordance with the state and federal law. Before participating, please observe that the following will be removed:

  • Posts or replies that mentions specific fees or pricing, market conditions, or recommends collective action amongst providers.
  • Posts or replies that contain profanity or offensive language.
  • Posts that are confrontational or challenge others.
  • Posts or replies that contain private patient information.
  • Posts or replies that are designed for sales or advertisement, including products and events with no correlation to AGD or PAGD.

Although access to PAGD online communities are limited to members, unless removed, all posts and replies are assumed to be public in nature. Posts and replies that intended to be private and short replies (i.e. "Thanks") should be sent privately.

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