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To be a PAGD Mentee, individuals should:

    • Be a PAGD member.
    • Have a desire to grow and further their professional development.
    • Be willing to listen critically and objectively to feedback from their mentor.
    • Be able to communicate with their mentor as often as necessary.
    • Take initiative in the mentor/mentee relationship.

    Guidelines for both the Mentor and the Mentee:

    • Neither party should use the mentoring experience to speak poorly of their employer or colleagues.
    • Both parties should respect the confidential nature of what is discussed.
    • Both parties should refrain from judgement about the other.
    • Both parties should notify PAGD staff or leadership of any troubles or concerns immediately.
    Tips for Mentees
    • Open communication

      • Be clear with your mentor about your goals for the mentor/mentee relationship

      • Address misunderstandings politely and clearly

      • Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with your mentor

    • Keep an open mind about suggestions from your mentor

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