PEAK Track 2

There are two groups in PAGD which members refer to as PEAK Track 1 and PEAK Track 2. Any member is free to attend either track at any time but members typically belong officially to one or the other. Each holds four-day events in both the Spring and Fall. So, there are four PEAK events in a calendar year unless both groups decide to combine one of the events to pool resources. Each group rotates the subject matter so that there is a good variety of general dental information and speakers. Both groups typically have a large group dinner on at least one of the nights, often held at the local members’ home who is designated as the "host". The local host helps facilitate the accommodations for the event.

The first day of the four-day event is what is referred to as "presentation day" where attendees are encouraged but not required to present cases to the group which pertain to a lecture from the previous meeting. The presenting member receives additional credits for doing this. This accelerates the pace at which you can achieve Fellowship, or later, Mastership. Presentations are all done in a very supportive group, with a consistent encouragement and positive feedback.

In summary, both PEAK tracks are high quality continuing education, the locations are all in Pennsylvania (so no airfare!), there’s guidance and mentorship in reaching Fellowship and Mastership goals, and overall the PEAK members have a very positive, supportive camaraderie, which is a core value of both groups.

For more information on either PEAK track, please contact Steve Neidlinger.

Upcoming PEAK Meetings

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