Life Long Service and Recognition Award

Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition* (LLSR) acknowledges the continued achievements of AGD Mastership recipients who recognize the need for continuous learning and to stay active both in organized dentistry and their communities.

To be eligible for LLSR, you must have completed the following requirements:

  • Current AGD membership in good standing.
  • A Mastership Award.
  • A course of study in 17 dental disciplines, totaling more than 1,600 hours of continuing education.
  • 100 service points in any combination of dental-related community/volunteer service and/or service to organized dentistry (only those services performed since the date Mastership was received or since a previous LLSR was received are eligible)
To date in Pennsylvania 24 dentists have achieved this recognition

Richard E. DeForno, DMD, MAGD 

Robert P. Esser, DDS, MAGD

Robert H. Fredrickson, DDS, MAGD

John V. Gustafson, DMD, MAGD

Joseph T. Kelly, DMD, MAGD

Richard D. Knowlton, DMD, MAGD *

John A. Kokai, DDS, MAGD

Heywood R. Kotch, DMD, MAGD

Kurt J. Laemmer, DMD, MAGD

Carol E. Layton, DMD, MAGD

John G. Lazur, Jr., DDS, MAGD

Scott E. Learn, DMD, MAGD 

Daniel F. Martel, DDS, MAGD

Stephen M. Miller, DMD, MAGD

Thomas L. Regan, DDS, MAGD

John F. Robison, DMD, MAGD

Robert Sattler, DMD, MAGD

David A. Schimmel, DMD, MAGD

Martin L. Schroeder, DDS, MAGD

Eric N. Shelly, DMD, MAGD 

William T. Spruill, DDS, MAGD

Carl E. Steinberg, DDS, MAGD 

Laurence H. Stone, DDS, MAGD, ABGD 

Lillian M. Wong, DDS, MAGD

*received a second LLSR