Pennsylvania Legislature

Here is the latest update from the Pennsylvania Legislature.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE 2013-2014  March 6, 2013

1)      Senate Bill 520- Assignment of Dental Benefits Bill. For those dentists who don't participate with United Concordia or Delta Dental, they will not assign benefits to the provider. As a result, the dentist has the option of requiring payment in full by the patient making them wait to get reimbursed by the carrier or letting the patient receive the insurance check and hoping that they forward it to the office. This legislation would require carriers to honor a request from a patient to assign benefits easing the financial burden on all. Bill referred to Senate Banking and Insurance  Committee

2)      House Bill 542 -Dental Loan Repayment Program

To remedy the problem of dental access in certain parts of the Commonwealth, this proposed legislation would forgive up to 50% of a dentist's student loans, not to exceed $100,000.00 if they practiced full time for 4 years in an area designed as a HPSA (Health Professional Shortage Area). Bill referred to House Education Committee.

3)      House Bill 426- Volunteer Dental License.  This pending legislation would allow dentists from out of state who are duly licensed in another state to gain a temporary license in Pennsylvania to allow them to volunteer their services such as the program held at the University of Pennsylvania during last year's AGD annual session. Bill referred to House Professional Licensure Committee.


4)      House Bill 272- Restricted Faculty License. This bill would allow foreign trained dentists who have

a)     a)  completed an ADA approved specialty program

b)      b) are on faculty as a Pennsylvania dental school

c)       c) have not failed the Pennsylvania dental licensing exam

to get a restricted license. They could practice at the dental school but not off site or at a satellite facility. Bill referred to Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee.


5)      Senate Bill 452- Portability of professional licenses for military spouses

Often when a member of the armed forces is transferred, their spouse who has a professional license is forced to navigate a maze of trying to get a license in the new locale. This legislation will make it easier for them. Bill referred to Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee


6)      Senate Bill 290 Donated Dental Services. This legislation is designed to help set up a network of volunteer dentists working with a Dental Lifeline Network with a seed of $150,000. Bill referred to Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee

7)      Senate Bill 605- Dental Anesthesia Bill- This bill, if enacted would allow dentists to administer anesthesia services in "a hospital or medical facility" and to receive payment for those anesthesia services rendered. Currently,  "the only eligible places of service  for dentists are dental offices or a dental clinic. This would expand the eligible places to include a hospital or medical facility."

Bill referred to Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure.