About Us

PAGD represents the most highly-trained doctors in general dentistry. Our members have committed to continuing education and training at levels not required by even the State Board of Dentistry. They are the Masters and Fellows of our profession.

With more than 1,600 members, PAGD is the largest organization in Pennsylvania to solely represent the interests of general dentists.

PAGD is a constituent of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). The core purpose of the AGD is to advance the value and excellence of general dentistry through a commitment to education of general dentists and their patients. The AGD’s goal is to be the premier, worldwide organization of choice for all members of the general-dentistry community, working together to ensure optimal oral health.

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PAGD Board of Directors 2012-2013

Dr. Eric Shelly, West Chester, PA (2014)

President Elect
Dr. Dawn Rickert, New Hope, PA (2014)

Vice President
Dr. Michael Kaner, Trevose, PA (2014)

Past President
Dr. Kurt Laemmer, Bradford, PA (2014)

Dr. John Gustafson, Hershey, PA (2014)

Dr. James Seitz, Bedford, PA (2016)

Dr. David Tecosky, Philadelphia, PA (2015)

Region 3 Trustee
Dr. John Kokai, Baden, PA (2016)

Region 3 Regional Director
Dr. Andrew Stewart, Fredericksburg, PA (2016)

Continuing Education Chairs
Dr. Frederick Lally, Tunkhannock, PA (2015)

Advocacy Chairs
Dr. Nicole Quezada, Wellsboro, PA (2014)
Dr. Shawn Casey, Pittston, PA (2016)

Membership Chairs
Dr. Carl Jenkins, Watsontown, PA (2015)
Dr. Don Millner, New Hope, PA (2016)

Student Membership Chair
Dr. Thomas Regan, Lancaster, PA (2014)
Dr. David Sullivan (2015)

Leadership Development Chair
Dr. Linda Feduska-Kokai, Baden, PA (2014)

PEAK Mastertrack Chairs
Dr. Richard Knowlton, Elizabethtown, PA
Dr. John Gustafson, Hershey, PA
Dr. Brad Strober, Edison, NJ

 Executive Director
April Hutcheson, Mechanicsburg, PA