The Don Katz Memorial Fund

What is the Don Katz Memorial Fund?

The Katz Fund was established in memory of Dr. Donald Katz, longtime PAGD member and participant, who passed on long before his time in 2007. The fund is used to enable participation of dental students and residents in PAGD activities.

"Don graduated from Temple’s dental school with the class of 1982. He was energetic and kind. The consummate educator, he was always eager to share anything he learned with his colleagues. The collaborative atmosphere inherent to PEAK is undoubtedly what drew him to getting involved in PEAK. Tragically, a few years ago, Don was taken from us. Shortly thereafter, the Don Katz Memorial Fund was created to financially aid dental students in attending PAGD events such as PEAK."

-Andrew Stewart, DMD, MAGD, ABGD

This scholarship fund encourages students and young dentists to gain an early appreciation of the benefits of belonging to the AGD, the PAGD, and participating in PEAK educational activities. By starting out early on the right road to success through quality education and with an organization that is committed to pursuing excellence, students and residents will have more tools for success throughout their professional lives.

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