Buyer/Seller Matchmaking Service

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PAGD is a diverse organization of general practitioner dentists in different practice settings. Recognizing the complementary needs of younger practitioners who are looking for associateship opportunities with the potential for practice ownership and older practitioners that are looking to take on associates with the goal of eventually selling their practice and lessening their workload, PAGD offers its members the opportunity to network via its Buyer/Seller Matchmaking Service.

All you need to do to participate in the service is to complete the online form that best applies to you:

Matchmaking Service Practice Buyer

Matchmaking Service Practice Seller

We at PAGD recognize the detrimental potential that word leaking as a result of participating can have. PAGD will keep the all responses completely anonymous until both potential buyer and potential seller agree that the practice profile is acceptable to them. Only then will their contact information be shared.

Please send any questions to PAGD Executive Director Steve Neidlinger.